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Why the Ol’ Car Full of Holes?

December 29, 2008

Hollywood legend has transformed two outlaws into two heroes. Bonnie Parker and Clyde Barrow killed and robbed for the last few years of their lives. On May 23, 1934, the two met their demise in an ambush by Texas and Louisiana officers on the side of the road near Bienville Parish, Louisiana. What makes this relevant to our museum, besides the fact that it is fun, is that they died in a 1934 Ford car during the 1930s.

Most people do not know that the museum resides in the old Ford Building built in 1935 for the California Pacific International Exposition. Here Ford showcased their V8 vehicles allowing test drives in the canyon behind the building. Years after Ford vacated the building, the museum moved into the Ford Building. Even the roof over the pavilion, installed in the 1990’s, was sponsored by Ford. (We also have a Ford Trimotor)

While Bonnie and Clyde drove around in a Ford during the 1930s at the height of their thieving careers, the Gee Bee aircraft flew in the popular sport of air racing. Jimmy Dolittle, the famous World War II aviator, piloted a Gee Bee R-1 for air races.  He won the Thompson Trophy in a Gee Bee (you can also see one in the opening scenes of the blockbuster film the Rocketeer!). Our restoration shop built a Gee Bee using the original plans and the plane is now on display in the museum. The Gee Bee inspired our 1930’s exhibit which not only features the plane but the Bonnie and Clyde car too.

So, the car is at the museum because it is a 1934 Ford, part of an important event during the 1930s, and its just cool! The Bonnie and Clyde car will be here through January so stop by and see it.

Here are some pictures (it looks cooler in person and we have other Bonnie and Clyde memorabilia you must see!):

Rear Window
The rear window of the car, or whats left of it.

Door Full of Holes
The driver’s side door of the car full of bullet holes.

Bonnie & Clyde Car Hubcap
Close up of the hubcap on the car showing the Ford V8 symbol.

Car Profile
Full side shot of the Bonnie & Clyde car.

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