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The Museum from the Air

February 13, 2009
The Museum from the Air

The Museum from the Air

If you are ever flying into San Diego, you need to sit on the right side of the plane because this will allow you to see a beautiful view of Balboa Park and, of course, the San Diego Air & Space Museum. We sit right underneath the landing path to the airport and you can clearly see our roof. One sight on our roof is our old name “Aerospace Museum.” (if anyone wishes to donate paint and or money to remedy this, you are more than welcome to!)

The other and best sight is the V8 logo painted onto the pavilion roof. When Ford built the building back in the 1930’s, they had the fountain,  in the center of the pavilion, built in the shape of their symbol V8 (take a look next time you visit). When the planes flew over the passengers could see the large V8 fountain from their windows. When the museum built the roof to cover the pavilion, they decided to keep the V8 symbol by painting it onto the new roof.

So in case you are not flying anytime soon, our wonderful Education Specialist, on her way back from a space education conference in Houston, has provided us with some great aerial photos. (I am in no way jealous she got to go to Houston!)

Beautiful View of the Park

Beautiful View of the Park

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