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The Flying Car

April 16, 2009

Most people do not know that the Museum operates a low speed wind tunnel here in San Diego. The San Diego Air & Space Technology Center is where companies like Boeing, Northrop Grumman, and Cessna test their new designs/projects. The wind tunnel has also been used by professional skateboarders, Olympic luge teams, and even Lance Armstrong (yes, we had Neil and Lance Armstrong here in the same month).

Recently Leigh Aerosystems Corporation has been testing their High Road Aerocar design, or in simpler terms, their flying car. In a rare event (and I mean rare because most of the testing done at the wind tunnel is top secret/classified), Leigh Aerosystems, the Wind Tunnel, and the Museum’s Education Department invited local school Mount Everest Academy to get a behind-the-scenes tour of the facility and to see the High Road Aerocar. While at the Wind Tunnel the students also had the opportunity to watch actual testing being done on the scale model of the flying car.

Here is a picture of the students standing in the wind tunnel looking at the model flying car (just to quell your fears, the wind tunnel fan was not on):


Flying Car in the Wind Tunnel

Flying Car in the Wind Tunnel

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