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The Moon Hides Venus

April 22, 2009

Francis French, Director of Education, happened to catch the Venus eclipse this morning (Wednesday, April 22, 2009). Below are some photos he took and his observations. 

Venus Eclipse

Venus Eclipse through Binoculars

I happened to read a version of this story last night:

Moon to Hide Venus Wednesday Morning (

as it mentions, Venus going behind the moon like this has not been viewable from here since 1923. Realized that this would be happening right as I was waking up. Sure enough, I could have watched it through the window from my bed if I’d wanted! It was weird – one moment, a crescent moon in the dawn sky (already very light) alone. The next, in the dark part of the moon, the dot of light that was Venus appeared! I took some photos in the most lo-tech way – digital camera on extreme zoom, and also lining up the lens through a pair of binoculars. You can see the little crescent shape of Venus in some of them too. It really was quite weird to watch something “appear” in the sky in this way.

– Francis


Venus Emerging


Venus Eclipse at Day Break

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