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Apollo 11 Coverage at SDASM

July 20, 2009

This morning has been a frenzy of Apollo 11 media requests here at the Museum as we highlight some the Apollo 11 items in our space collection. For such a momentous occasion the Museum has been doing some very special things. Our curators took off the plexiglass that normally covers the Apollo 9 spacecraft hatch so that camera crews could show how small the inside of a command module really is. Our spacecraft is virtually identical to the Apollo 11 spacecraft, so it gives a vivid impression of what it was like to live in space. For the first time, the Museum is also displaying all three moon rocks in our collection. The rocks were collected by hand from the lunar surface on Apollo 11, 15 and 17, so we have rocks from the first and last landing. Our Apollo 11 rock was officially presented by the President to the state of California.

A number of other Apollo 11 spacecraft parts, food taken on the mission, part of a flight suit used in training by Neil Armstrong, and other artifacts are on a new special display at the front of the Museum. You can read about some of the Apollo 11 items here.

Below are pictures of the items ready for the television broadcasts this morning:

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