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A Stunt Ford Trimotor

December 22, 2009

Usually, when I stop at the Ford Trimotor while giving a tour to school kids, I enjoying asking them about the metal used to build the plane. First I ask if they know what everyday objects they know of that are made out of aluminum and they always respond with answers of “a soda can” and “foil.” Then I ask if they can easily crush the foil or can (minus the soda of course) and they answer with a resounding “yes.” Finally, I ask if they want to fly in a plane made out of aluminum and unsurprisingly, they say no.

They change their minds when I explain to them that the aluminum used to build the plane is corrugated (like the stiffening middle layer of a cardboard shipping box) and makes its structure quite strong.

However strong that corrugated aluminum proved to be, I never knew the Trimotor could fly like it did in the video above.

While SDASM’s Trimotor flew safely for years, the strong aluminum structure was eventually done in by a sandstorm and a drainage ditch. It took thirteen years of hard work to make it look new again. Now if it could only fly again!  If you want to learn the whole interesting story of SDASM’s Trimotor, click here.

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  1. December 23, 2009 6:17 am

    The video is great, the loops part is my favourite! An alluminium plane is always a great show.

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