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Only in the Movies

January 7, 2010

Right before the holidays, a coworker’s brother sent us the following picture and story about his drive home that seemed ripped right out of a movie scene.

Emergency Landing

Here is the pic that I took from the phone, on Friday night. The image quality is rough.  The plane made its emergency landing on S-2 hwy about 1/2 mile south of the 78 connection.  The plane had engine failure, and the pilot glided it in.  It was dark at 8pm and I think he needed to use our car’s headlights to indicate where the highway was.  It was a surprise to have this plane glide over our car–less than about 10-15 ft away!

I was the one who called 911 and told them exactly where the plane landed.  Police arrived about 10 minutes later.  The pilot was unharmed.  He was on his way to Calexico, when the engine gave out.  They towed it to the volunteer fire department in Shelter Valley.  (About 1 mile from my house.)

That was an exciting evening!

This story reminds me of a short film made back in 2000 called 405:

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