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New to the Collection: F4U Corsair Model

April 8, 2010

F4U Corsair Model

The Museum now has a F4U Corsair model on display to coincide with the restoration of an actual F4U Corsair currently taking place in the basement. Below is the description of the beautiful and meticulously built model:

This magnificently hand crafted 1/16th scale model F4U Corsair was fabricated from roof flashing material purchased at a hardware store. Each rib, longeron, and bulkhead is in place, visible on the cutaway side. Look very closely and you will notice fuel and hydraulic line, throttle and propeller cables, engine wires and even a sliding canopy. Ailerons, flaps, elevators and rudders are operational, driven by miniature chains exactly as the original, and the landing gear actually retracts. Built by Dr. Young C. Park, a retired dentist from Hawaii, the incredible detail of this model, and two others that Park has built, has amazed the modeling world.  More than 6000 hours and five years time were dedicated to creating his masterpiece. The Corsair has been loaned to the San Diego Air and Space Museum by the Craftsmanship Museum of Vista, CA.

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