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From Tajikistan to San Diego

May 11, 2010

Once a month, the Museum hosts a special guest speaker for our volunteers. This month, Robert Frimtzis, author of From Tajikistan To The Moon: A Story Of Tragedy, Survival And Triumph Of The Human Spirit, joined us to give us a short version of his harrowing yet inspiring tale and  his engineering career.

His story of escape from the Nazi invasion and then from Soviet oppression was fascinating. He then immigrated to the U.S., penniless with little English, but went on to graduate from college, work on multiple space programs (Apollo Lunar Module simulators, Lunar Surveyor, and GRO), and raise a family of geniuses (3 out of 4 have PhDs).

His soft-spoken presentation kept me engaged as he showed us pictures of his childhood in the Soviet Union and Europe up through his career in the aerospace industry. The best image was of a letter he sent to a family member that had a stamp of approval from the Soviet Union officials because the letter contained no subversive or anti-government writing.

I have yet to read his book, but luckily, the Museum has purchased a copy. I hope it is half as good as his presentation.

You can find out more about Robert Frimtzis and his book by clicking here.

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